jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016

Should I use Python for web development?

At the time of develop a website, a lot of people ask which one is the best programming language, everyone has its pros and cons, so you always should choose the one you feel more comfortable with, but it’s useful to know the benefits of using one in particular, let’s see why you should use Python for webdevelopment, yes?
First of all Python is one of the most popular high-level programming languages, designed to be accessible to use, can be more efficient and fast to develop than C++ or Java, works perfect for little or big projects.

Programs can be shorts; a lot of companies decide using Python simply because it needs less code lines to work than other, this means that’s easiest to develop and you save time and money. It’s flexible, so it can be used in multiple services and places, websites, desktop software, VoIP and web apps. So web developers won’t find any problem using it.
There’s a lot of information, this part is really important if you are starting to develop in Python, you can be sure that you will always find information for what you need to do, this language is easy to use and learn, and internet is full of tutorials about Python, all you need is time and effort to learn Python development and start working in your projects.
Python is an open source code, so you don’t need to pay expensive licenses. You can just start programming anything you can imagine, its syntax is simple and is used by multiple companies (One of them is Google) so learning Python allows to find more jobs and projects because there’s a lot of people using it. Ideal for fast jobs, does not need a compiler to execute, the Python file itself is ready to run the program.

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