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How an Open Source Framework Can Help Your Web Development

As a web developer, using a web framework can make your job infinitely easier. Tons of open source web frameworks are available for anyone to plug code into, and you can likely find multiple framework options for the specific programming language you are using. Web frameworks can be loosely divided into full stack and non-full stack frameworks. A full stack framework will manage all layers of the “full stack”: server, network and hosting, data modeling, business logic, action layer, user interface, user experience, etc. Here are the reasons that a web framework will help lighten your workload as a web developer.

Delegate to the Framework
Python developer

The key function of a web framework is that it allows you to plug your code in without having to worry about low level details, like protocols, process/thread management, sockets, communications, infrastructure, etc. When you use the framework, you will simply write your code according to a set of specific conventions which will allow you to delegate those low level details to the framework.

Support and Customization

Web frameworks will usually support basic activities: interpreting requests, producing responses, storing data, etc. Many also give web developers some degree of customization for these activities, using components which provide abstractions for only certain things. This means that you can custom build a full stack framework from existing non-full stack ones, if required for your particular project.

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